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Urban Chic Wedding Vibes at the Dreamy Aster Café | Minneapolis

Two Brides

Heather & Anna's urban chic wedding at the dreamy Aster Café in Minneapolis was spectacular from start to finish. Surrounded by the prettiest tree-lined streets, skyline views of the city of Minneapolis and the intimate banter of close family and friends. You only need to look at the pure JOY on the bride's faces to relish in the romance of the day. Another highlight was sharing my 'camera space' with their effervescent daughter Olive who is a living embodiment of spontaneity and charm. Watching her weave her magic little turquoise camera was a delight and special treat for us all. And finally, as Heather & Anna shared their touching and humorous future commitments to each other, their sentiments echoed in the simple yet profound words of the great novelist Paulo Coelho who said, "We are most alive when we are in love, and it's the one and only thing we can never get enough of, or give enough of". Cheers to these two beauties and all of you are continue to support them with your LOVE!


Desserts: Cocoa & Fig



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