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A gallery of imagery highlighting my 'passionately playful' documentary style of photography. It includes photos that not only document your day with powerful portraits, but most poignantly, photos which capture all those fleeting wedding moments, filled with love and euphoric energy. This colorful gallery also illuminates the diversity of cultures and continents spanning my wedding photography career.

LGBTQ+ Weddings

A collection of highly celebratory wedding images thanks to the two landmark Supreme court rulings legalizing Same-Sex marriage in 2013 (Minnesota) and 2015 (all 50 USA states)

This gallery aims to affirm a safe celebratory space for the  LGBTQ+ community and echoes the famous 'Love is Love' chant in many wondrous ways.



A gallery of images showcasing seniors with widely divergent interest levels, fashion sense and location choices (city vs green spaces), all of which will greatly affect the resultant vibe and feel of your photos.


A pictorial gallery highlighting families in all their beautiful forms from smaller new families with young children, to parents with their dogs to those larger family groupings of 16 or more. It also highlights the appeal of photographing during different seasons and a wide variety of locations.

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Corporate Events

A widely diverse portfolio of images thanks to an interesting mix of corporate clients. Ranging from aerial yoga, to e-commerce T-shirt models to smaller celebratory events like 'baby reveals' and food photography, this gallery highlights not only the technical skills needed (lenses, lighting props) but the formidable communication skills needed and the ability to work well under pressure.

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