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Raspberry Island Wedding

Dave & Jim's wedding at the historic Minnesota Boat Club located on the shores of Raspberry Island was GROOMED for greatness.

Their funky sunglasses set the stage, with endless amounts of love, energy and pulsating rhythms on the dance floor. Creative party favors in the form of wine cork table settings and entertaining popsicle menu boards littered with amusing facts about the couple, added to the unique vibe of the day. The highlight of the evening happened as Dave and Jim surprised their guests with a live Drag Queen performance, resulting in exuberant excitement and gaiety all around. And what better way to end off your sizzling summer wedding day, than on the jewel of downtown Saint Paul on the banks of the Mississippi Waterfront. These boys bring new meaning to the words, 'Lets party people'!


Wedding Venue: Minnesota Boat Club

Wedding Photography: Charnell Timms Photography

Catering: Mintahoe (they did the cupcakes)

Drag Queen: Genevee Love



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