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Modern, Urban Senior Portraits at Mill Ruins Park & Stone Arch Bridge | MN

Modern urban senior portrait photography

Why do seniors keep choosing this location for their graduation portraits? Is it the stone washed walls, historic buildings, stone arch bridge towering overhead, iconic city views, or is it more about the VIBE - the hustle & bustle, that 'urban energy' of the city with people whizzing by on rollerblades, bicycles or on foot that adds to the attraction of this location? Whatever the answer, these photos should highlight the importance of embracing pedestrian life on the bridge as well as outfit changes and accessories (sunglasses, hats, scarves), and how they can change the resultant look and mood of your portraits. These photos also highlight the variety of portrait poses thanks to the various options for sitting, leaning, standing, kneeling, and jumping on the bridge.


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Oh, how can it be? It's been about one year since our senior graduated and Charnell Timms bravely photographed her under freezing conditions on frozen water ways and the iconic Stone Arch Bridge. Charnell's passion for her work and playful approach is a one-of-a-kind experience that lives on in our hearts and photographs. Despite the temporary closure of the Stone Arch Bridge, I can't imagine a senior or family who wouldn't want the promises of laughter and unforgettable memories a portrait session with Charnell Timms can bring. Ms. Timms' ability to capture the chemistry and joy of every shot is one that, without doubt, will last a lifetime for our daughter and family. While the bridge undergoes its transformation se…

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