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Rachel & Ryan's Unique Coffee-Themed Wedding Day

It's been a while since photographing an 'early bird' wedding starting at 7am, but what a novel treat it was to photograph Rachel & Ryan's coffee-themed outdoor wedding in Corcoran, Minnesota. As we braved the elements in the form of mosquitos and intermittent rain showers, the scintillating aromas of coffee filled the air, and the cheerful banter of guests 'mucking in' snuggling up under umbrellas and getting to select their coffee mug of choice, all added a spectacular intimacy to the day. Best of all was witnessing Rachel & Ryan's departing act, surrounded by a globe of bubbles and smiles that kept on 'bubbling over' with joy.


Hair Stylist: Kaylee Ann Salon Bridal Dress: Bridal Aisle

Bridal Party Coffee Mugs: Emma Lee Rose Pottery



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