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Hindu/Interfaith Wedding at the Historic Hindu Temple of Maple Grove, Minnesota

Hindu weddings literally burst with color and vibrancy, and the entire ceremony is filled with a magical chanting, Sanskrit blessings and intriguing rituals that are thousands of years old. Everywhere you look there is incredible detail, starting with Bride Priti's exquisite Red Saree, her striking henna and ornate gold jewelry all adding a touch of magic and warmth to every scene. This blog highlights a few of the Hindu rituals including Pheras - when bride and groom walk around the fire, Jaimala when the bride and groom exchange floral garlands, Sindoor when the groom applies vermillion to the forehead/hair partition of the bride and mandap where bride and groom offer rice to the flame (Fire of God). Ultimately, however it is the smiles between Priti and husband Chris that have the final say. May they both continue to learn, love and grow with each others cultures forever more.

WEDDING VENDORS: Wedding Venue: The Hindu Temple of Minnesota Wedding Officiant/ Hindu Pandit: Sri Jignesh Joshi, the priest at Hindu Society of Minnesota Wedding Coordinator: Gokul Upadhyay Make-up artist: Vera Marit Makeup Wedding dress/saree: Firayalal


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