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Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Looking for a different perspective? Hear what former clients have said about Charnell Timms Photography over the past decade. Commentary is not limited to her photographs, but includes insightful feedback on the experience of working with Charnell, both before, during and after the wedding celebrations.

Jane & Kevin | Apple Valley, MN | February, 2019

Charnell captured our love and happiness in her lenses and we will have them forever.

Charnell was a dream to work with. She is very creative, fun, energetic and makes everyone feel comfortable in front of the lens. She responded promptly to our first email inquiry about her services and was always responsive to any questions up until the wedding day and after. She arrived on time and stayed late to take extra pictures of the entire wedding group. Her prices are very competitive and she mailed the usb with proofs back within 2 weeks of the ceremony. Charnell captured our love and happiness in her lenses and we will have them forever. She has such an easy going style and wonderful warmth and smile to make you feel at ease when you're going crazy with nerves and excitement. We definitely recommend Charnell for all your photography needs~you won't be disappointed. Jane & Kevin - Apple Valley, MN

Wedding at Calhoun Beach Apartments in Minneapolis, MN | April 2018

Black & White photography of wedding couple during a toast

An LGBT Dream Photographer!

Our first draw into working with Charnell stemmed from seeing samples of her work and in particular the stunning same-sex wedding photos in her portfolio. Planning an LGBT wedding in today's social-political climate can at times be a little stressful. After our first meeting with Charnell, both my Wife and I we're so relaxed and instantly found a connection with her. Conversation was easy and her professionalism put all the nerves at ease.

Both my wife and I were rugby players in college and when we shared this with Charnell she seemed genuinely interested in how the sport brought us together. So much so, that when Charnell was on vacation shortly after our meeting she began e-mailing us photos of the Rugby Matches she was attending in South Africa. A truly personal touch that meant so much to us that our photographer "gets us" and cares about us.

I am naturally hesitant about photo shoots and generally get frustrated/bored/uninterested after 10-15 shots. When I shared this with Charnell at our first meeting she said "that's because you haven't done a shoot with me yet". It wouldn't be until our wedding day that I fully understood and appreciated this sentiment. Our wedding guests and bridal parties loved interacting with Charnell and her candid go lucky attitude kept everything up beat and moving throughout the day. In addition, the volume of high quality photos she was able to capture is unbelievable. To this day I do not know how she was in so many places at once, but every angle and every shot was PERFECT and AMAZING.

After the wedding Charnell was highly responsive and had a thumb drive mailed to our home address with all the memories from the day. She followed through on everything she said she would do and more. Quality photography is worth the investment and is one of the best ways to capture your special day. We were working on a strict budget and ended up investing a little more into our photography to be able to work with Charnell and it was the best decision we could have made. Her build your own package was perfect for us because we could postpone getting immediate prints and added an extra hour of her photo services to capture more of our day.

I cant say enough good things about working with Charnell and in summary I will say, her flair, style and constant smile/laughter makes the day of photos the most natural and easy process possible. At the end of the day, the best piece of advice I can offer is -- find a way to invest in her services and you won't be disappointed. Cheers! Emily - Minneapolis, MN

Kristen & Scarlet | Wedding at the Victoria Room, St Paul, MN | October, 2017

Charnell did such an amazing job making our wedding photos shine. Throughout the ceremony and reception, I knew she would find a way to get the perfect shot. I do not know if she does rock climbing in her free time, or maybe she is a parkour expert. Either way, the angles and shots that she was able to develop were incredible. There is no other photographer that I would recommend. She has an amazing energy about her that just makes you authentically happy and yourself. Even our guests commented on her sociability and amazingness. If you want that 1 in a million shot, she is definitely the photographer for you. Kristen & Scarlet - Minneapolis, MN

Bobbi Jo & Sharon | Columbia Manor, Minneapolis | August 2016

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Charnell was wonderful. I don't think I am always very photogenic as I am unsure of what to do and how to be in photos - but Charnell gave lots of great direction and lots of encouragement and I was really happy with having her at our wedding. Looking back there is no way I would hire anyone else. Also, she gets photos to you very quickly. She had a preview on facebook within four days and will have all the photos done within two weeks. I also really appreciated that she has done of LGBT weddings, which was important to us that we had someone with experience.

Chanique and Keagan | Lalapanzie Lodge, Somerset West | March 2015

Charnell is truly one of the most incredible and passionate photographers we have met. Throughout the shoot, she kept us and all our family members smiling for each picture. Her personality is so infectious that she is able to make the shyest person feel comfortable.

I remember our family members saying that they have never experienced such a brilliant photographer in their life. The important part of Charnell's work is that her pictures are brilliant. She was able to capture our wedding day better than we ever imagined.

We are truly thankful that we found Charnell and we strongly recommend her to friends, family, colleagues and everyone who reads this review. Thank you very much Charnell for your part in making our day special, we really appreciate it.

Michelle & Nate Haralson | Gunflint Lodge, MN | August, 2015

Charnell was great to work with from the start. She responded quickly to our enquiries and gave us a photo package right away, whilst other photographers wanted to go back and forth (endlessly) before revealing a price. Our wedding was in the northernmost region of Minnesota, and she drove from the Twin Cities to meet us there.

Charnell arrived right on time, enthusiastic and somehow managed to make two camera-shy people feel comfortable coming out of their shell too. She was having fun photographing us and we fed off her energy. Charnell also went outside the box with her compositions. It was a great experience. Following each of our 'congratulations' has been “your photos are beautiful”. We feel so luck to have crossed paths with Charnell.

Natalie & Andrew Ratcliffe | Tintswalo Atlantic, Cape Town | December 2014

Charnell was one of the highlights of our small intimate family wedding held in December 2014. Called in at the last minute, Charnell did an amazing job and has the wonderful ability of putting all guests at ease, but more importantly to capture the bride and groom looking their best. As another client commented, wonderful wedding photographs are the “gift that keeps on giving”. Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day and somehow Charnell manages to do just that. Her eye for detail, infectious personality and skill with the camera make her a pleasure to work with. Her formal wedding album is a must and a wonderful gift for friends and family. We are looking forward to seeing Charnell again when she photographs our one year old, Chloe in December 2015! I cannot recommend Charnell enough.

Chris & Katie | Spirit Mountain, Duluth MN | August 2013

Charnell rocks! I'm not the type of person who enjoys getting the typical staged pictures taken. I prefer to enjoy the moment and have the photographer capture real moments. Turns out that wasn't going to work for my bride and we had both!

Charnell did a fantastic job keeping everyone (including myself) entertained and smiling throughout all the pictures. Charnell kept things moving and didn't require twenty of the same picture to get things right. The pictures speak for themselves. Charnell is a true professional who is a joy to be around and produces exceptional photographs. I recommend her to everyone I know.

Einat & Laurence | The Vineyard Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa | October 2013

Organizing a wedding in South Africa from abroad was quite stressful but Charnell made this experience so much easier for us. She completely understood what we were after, showed us examples of previous weddings that would work for us (including some at our venue) and gave us some fantastic suggestions. On the day, she took amazing pictures from different angles of the guests and scenery and even managed to get all the toddlers to look at the camera while taking the shots. I also really liked that she pointed our our most flattering poses so we looked our best in every picture. Thanks Charnell, we will definitely recommend you to everyone we know.  Thanks and loads of love, Einat

Jean Keys, Marriage Officer | Diemersdal Wine Estate, Wellington | December, 2010

I would just like to drop you a note saying that you are the most incredible photographer. I do many weddings and find a lot of photographers do not bring with them a major personality. You really added to the wedding with your enthusiasm and creativity.

Christine & Patrick Brown | Minneapolis City Hall, Minnesota | January 2009

The most common comment we received post-wedding was, 'Your photographer was amazing!" Wait, weren't they suppose to comment on the bride's dress? In all honesty, we must admit, we couldn't have asked for more. Charnell truly is amazing and is permanently hired  in our book.

Charnell is lively, vibrant, creative, with an eye for design. She has the most unique ability to capture any moment, from the most precious and intimate to silly and playful. Her photos were taken with ease, bringing warmth to our chilly (sun-zero) Minnesota wedding. A contract nor words can describe her full offering. We can personally attest that you will receive not only one of the best international photographers, you will benefit from her charm, wit, and ability to connect with all people. Charnell Timms, once our photographer, now our friend.

Hillary - Mother of the Bride | la Ferte Fresnal Chateau Normandy, France | November 2008

Charnell's services came highly recommended to us and we were not disappointed. Charnell was given her brief to minimize the 'formality' of taking photographs and to maximize the feel of being a 'roving photographer' to capture the actual events throughout the day rather than stage-managing events which did not happen. She achieved this with ease and flair and the results are a joy to behold. Every time we look through those images it brings memories flooding back and provides us with an insight into what others were doing on the day. The latter is very important to us, even with the best will in the world, it is impossible to be two places at once.

Charnell's enthusiasm and boundless energy enabled her to fulfill her assignment with consummate professionalism and that special 'eye' which only a first-class photographer can process--the ability to see beyond what most of us see. I don't think the guests in France have ever seen a photographer quite like you before and they all thought you were great. We have no hesitation in recommending Charnell to anyone who views her website. You will not regret your decision.

Christian Gottlieb | Dusseldorf, Germany | August, 2007

I am a passionate collector of vintage photographs of artists like Beard, Haase, Gabo, Lindbergh etc. and therefore assume that I have a good understanding of the art of contemporary photography.

Charnell Timms worked on several occasions for me (both in Germany and South Africa) as both my wedding and windsurfing photographer. Despite some difficult weather conditions, each time the results were absolutely fascinating. Her pictures not only reflect the scenery but transport the moment with all its emotions in a unique and powerful way. With a great sense of humor and intuition, she makes people comfortable to express themselves in front of the camera, resulting in people looking more beautiful, interesting and happy. In addition, she has tremendous instinct to shoot the little special moments in-between the typical picture setups.

Speaking of her work as an artist, I truly believe that she is looking at a successful future. Her series 'African Game', 'Townships' and 'Lights and Architecture' already have the potential to become part of the contemporary photographic art. Against this backdrop, I can highly recommend Charnell Timms Photography.

Allan - Father of the Bride of Geordi Bishops | Rondebosch, Cape Town | January, 2006

I (and all the family) were quite overwhelmed by the beauty of Geordie & Jean's wedding photos. You have marvelous flair and feel for the right moment, the best setting, and the optimal angle. And you were such a happy presence through it all, which of course contributed greatly to the relaxed and receptive mood of your subjects. We were so lucky in finding you. I wish you could hear all the 'oohs and aahs' of those admiring your work

With thanks and warm best wishes, Allan


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