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Everybody just loves our photos and our friends keep on saying that the camera really loves us. But we know the truth, it's Charnell's capacity to bring out the best from people that really make stylish pictures. We had so much fun during the photo shoot and felt so relaxed, the camera was like a really good friend.

Charnell sees a picture in every moment and we loved the photos taken when we were unaware that she was 'shooting us'. The husband who loves the camera and all the attention that goes with it had the time of his life and the bride who wasn't so excited before the photoshoot wished that it would never end.


Charnell is a true artist and the pictures are truly amazing. Your wedding day is only one day in your lifetime, but your pictures will last forever. It's worth a lot to have a really great and professional photographer as Charnell.

Per & Charlotte 
Cape Town, South Africa - December 2010


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