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HAWAII - A Photographer's Dream Vacation

The Big Island of Hawaii not only lived up to all the hype and mystic I had brewing in my mind, but it exceeded all expectations with its sheer beauty and variety.

Road on the big island of Hawaii

When the island greets you with a magical 180º rainbow and waves you goodbye with a school of Spinner dolphins displaying their aerobatic prowess, you realize you are in the midst of magic. One minute you are immersed in an almost moonlike terrestrial black lava landscape (Mount Kilauea is the longest continually erupting volcano on earth), and a short 30-minute drive later (to the east side of the island) and you are catapulted into tropical forests, teaming with waterfalls around Hilo. On the north-east side of the island its the sheer majestic beauty of the Waipio Valley with its towering waterfalls from above and taro farmers and wild horses down below. But like all island, what makes them truly idyllic is the ocean and sandy beaches that dot the entire coastline. Swimming with the sea turtles was the highlight of my trip, especially when they popped out of the ocean while we were swimming in the crystal clear surf at our local Hapuna Beach Resort. Finally, you cannot travel to Hawaii without indulging in their most delicious of Hawaiian dishes, the now internationally trendy Poke Bowls. If you love sushi, sunshine and sea, this is the perfect place to be. ALOHA!



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