Wedding & Portrait Photographer based in Minneapolis-St. Paul Minnesota Metro Area

Photography came to me at a young age through the lens of my father, who taught me my first photography lessons in his home darkroom. Surrounded by silence, the fascination of seeing an image develop in a bath of chemicals for the first time was truly magical.


Growing up in South Africa with the countryside filled with wild animals, mountains, and the ocean, it was easy to become obsessed with the world of photography.

My professional wedding and portrait photography career started in Cape Town, South Africa in 2008. Soon, I was fortunate to be traveling worldwide.


How did I get to Minnesota? In a word—Lovestruck! Now that I am married to a Minnesotan, my home base is Maple Grove. Fortunately, photography is a career that travels and translates well!


I was voted as one of the top 20 African photographers by Admired in Africa in 2015. But now, as I am working to carve my path in the American market, I am developing a new clientele of wedding couples, families, high school seniors and professionals. For my American clients, I bring renewed energy and a fresh non-Minnesotan perspective, and I offer my clients exceptional value for my photography services.


Thanks to the novelty of living in Minnesota's four-season climate, each season brings a different natural background. Like a kid in a candy store, however, I remain in absolute awe of autumn splendor in America and especially enjoy any opportunity to use it as a photographic backdrop.