About Me:


My name is Charnell Timms. Im a South African living in Minnesota, USA.

Africa is not only in my blood but it has taught me that the best companion on any photo shoot is a sense of humor, which is also essential to surviving Minnesota's climate :)

Photography is my calling, my profession, and the thing that will undoubtedly drive me insane one day. 

I don't photograph subjects. Instead I photograph the way they make me feel.

I assume perfection is possible and I want to wring it out of every photograph. If that's all you know about me, its enough to say you know me very well.



I love to travel and thrive on meeting new people and finding myself in story-telling, picture-taking situations.

I am fortunate to be commuting between South Africa and the USA, and my destination weddings and corporate gigs have taken me across the globe including shoots  in England, France, Mexico, Germany, Ireland, Cuba and Tanzania.

My portfolio bears testimony to the ease at which I can relate to an eclectic mix of  cultures and photographic situations. 

I have a 'iTravel' pinterest board especially for you, with locations sure to inspire extreme wanderlust and offer possible honeymoon suggestions too.


As for the rest of me, I love to laugh, I do it often and I do it loudly. I am not only a photographer, but consider myself part and parcel of the wedding vibe. I think Julius Schulman was spot on when he said: " The camera is the least important element in photography"

In 2015, I won gold and was voted by 'Admired in Africa' as one of the Top 20 photographers on the African continent. With camera in hand, I continue to wonder a path paved by open minds, eager smiles and a willingness to bring you along with me. Happy Days!